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Our mission is simple: We bring people together over food and drinks.

Whether the occasion simply be a night out with friends, corporate/client outing, date night, or birthday/bachelorette party, Hungry Pop gets it done. Right.

What began in the Spring of 2018 as a night out between two friends— who collectively have over twenty-five years experience in the restaurant, hospitality, and marketing industry— has now blossomed into Hungry Pop, a company built on creating and producing curated dining experiences that include pizza, pasta, and mozzarella-making, gourmet empanada-making, mixology classes, Italian meat & cheese and Greek gyro feasts, elevated Mediterranean cuisine, sushi-making, and whiskey pairings with roasted pig & bacon.

In just the past twelve months, we have helped to make memories for over 5,000 people and dozens of companies in New York City, and now plan to bring our experiential food & drink concepts to San Francisco, Houston, and Miami.

Finally, if you’re a company looking to create a completely customized, team-building event for internal departments or external clients, please contact us using the form below. We take pride in our ability to build incredible culinary experiences from scratch, using private spaces, world-renowned chefs and mixologists, and our team of concierges, hosts, & event planners.

(P.S., If you need luxury transportation to/from an event or professional photos/video, we got you covered; just ask!)


 event calendar

Make Pizza, Drink (Bottomless) Wine & Beer: Manhattan 🍕🍷

Make Pizza, Drink (Bottomless) Wine: The Bronx 🍕🍷 (Coming Soon!)

Make Pizza, Drink (Bottomless) Wine: Brooklyn 🍕🍷

Make Pizza, Drink (Bottomless) Wine: Queens 🍕🍷 (Coming Soon!)

Make Mozzarella, Drink (Bottomless) Wine & Beer: Manhattan 👩‍🍳🍷

The Ultimate Rooftop Pizza Party: Brooklyn Bridge Park & L.I.C. 🍕🌆🍻 (Coming Soon!)

An Italian Meat & Cheese Feast (with an Open Beer & Wine Bar): Manhattan 🥪🇮🇹🍷

Make Pizza, Drink (Bottomless) Bubbly: L.I.C. 🍕🥂

Make Pizza, Drink (Bottomless) Bubbly: Brooklyn 🍕🍳🥂 (Coming Soon!)

Roll Sushi, Sip Saké: Manhattan & Miami 🍣🍶 (Coming Soon!)


partners & clients

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Whether you’re a restaurant/event space who would love to host our experiences, a person/company who’d love to speak with us, or a brand who’d love to partner up, please fill out the form below and one of our founders will reach back out to you. Personally.

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